What is NORM?

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) also often described as TENORM (Technically Enhanced NORM) or Low Specific Activity (LSA) material is commonly found in hydrocarbon production facilities worldwide. Over the production life of an asset, be it an FPSO, platform, etc, NORM contaminated build up of scale and other materials can occur throughout the production and storage systems. Most commonly occurring in topside process plants (treaters, separators, etc), pipelines, and storage tanks, NORM contaminated material often causes little issue during production. However upon cessation of production, be it for a shutdown period or the decommissioning of the facility at the end of useful life, NORM contamination must be treated correctly. NORM treatment, handling, removal and disposal is governed worldwide by a variety of national and international legislation for the protection of persons and the environment.

Reference above photo: Continuous monitoring to ensure the project is controlled and NORM affected areas are cleaned to an acceptable level