Renewable Energy

Governments, private sectors and Investment companies are starting to reduce their reliance on fossil fuel technologies.  The expiration of solid fuels is already predicted, the development of energy efficient and carbon footprint reducing changes being implement by Companies and Governments alike around the world.

In the UK we are behind the times with the renewable energy sector and as such the rapid investment and installation of both on shore and off shore wind farms is happening at a dramatic pace.

The introduction of the various wind farms has now highlighted other key areas of expenditure that may have been overlooked by some initial investors This is leading to additional costs to keep their impressive structures operational and safe.

Maintenance and corrosion control of the turbines on the landscapes and horizons has very rapidly come to the forefront of this multibillion pound business.  Ask the question of “how long will my investment last” and you will not get a straight response, resulting calculations on return can be made and you may well ask a twine manufacturer how long is his piece of string!
Correct preparation and coatings at manufacturers’ stage, correct installation of the equipment to ensure that the surfaces and coatings are not damaged, correct repair preparation of any repairs once the installation process has been completed. Regular preventative maintenance checks to ensure that minor maintenance and repairs do not develop into costly repairs and result in major “down time” of the investment are all areas to be considered to ensure longevity of the investment.

Dickerman Overseas have been utilising and undertaking specialist fabric maintenance (surface preparation and coating) and specialist cleaning works on board offshore drilling and production assets for over 40 years with great success.

Fully flexible options from full turnkey project management solutions, through to the supply of personnel to assist with minor projects managed by the client are available. Our works have, and continue to be undertaken with the largest Oil majors and Drilling companies within the industry, i.e. Exxon Mobil, B.P., Shell, Marathon Oil, Transocean, etc.

Experience and a proven track record within the specialist fabric maintenance market have allowed us to invest within the renewable energy market sectors. Following a comprehensive review of current issues with fabric maintenance it appears that the market is in need of companies who have experience and can provide assistance in all areas of implementing a lifetime coating programme.

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