Sandwashing Plant

The attrition resulting from the thorough mixing action of the primary (motive) fluid and secondary induced material in the mixer of the jet pump is utilised to effectively 'scrub' the sand passing throughout this unit.

A pump set provides pressurised supply water to the nozzle of the first stage jet pump which converts the pressure energy into the velocity energy.

The material to be washed (filter bed media) introduced via the hopper is entrained by the primary fluid emerging from the nozzle and the combined flow is collected by the mixer. High turbulence takes place in the mixer providing the first stage washing of the sand.

The combined flow is passed into the eleutriator via a second nozzle and a second 'scrub' takes place in the mixer.

Sand which has already been through the two stages of washing is also induced into the second mixer and may be passed through several times if required.

Sluicing water is provided to the hopper to aid the feeding of media into the jet stream.

Water sprays are provided in the eleutriator which together with the turbulence provide the second stage jet pump ensuring dirty material is carried upwards and passed over the weir and out to waste.

Water is drawn from the eleutriator via a filter and pipe and returned for re-circulation.

The washed sand is drawn off a pinch valve in a steady stream.

A dump valve is provided to enable the unit to be cleaned out after each operation.


• Simplicity of operation no moving parts
• Primary dirty water pump operating under ideal conditions.
• Low cost/ton
• Easily transportable to local sites.
• Long life low maintenance costs, mixers easily replaceable
• Non-harmful to media.