Other Typical Applications

Power Generating Plants
Scavenging dust from tunnels
Cleaning sludge ponds
Removing P.F.A. from Penthouse Collection Hopper Stack Breeches

Mills – Foundries ETC (Steel, Copper, Cement, Fertiliser plants etc)
Collecting of mill scale and other waste material from rolling mills, scarfing beds, ingot removing presses disposal pits, conveyors, furnaces, etc.
Removing fire brick and insulation materials from furnaces during repair

Oil Refineries and Petrochemical Plants
Removing oil, sludge, grease, etc from pits and degreasing traps, coke fines, lump coke from loading pits, hoppers, etc.

Railway Systems
Cleaning interiors of wagons or residual loads, e.g. ore, powders, grains, etc.
Cleaning oil sump pits in engine sheds.

Paper Board and Pulp Mills
Cleaning of settling and hog pits, china clay lagoons, transfer of china clay pellets removing debris from hydro pulpers.

Cleaning out sedimentation/Methane digesters and waste from settling tanks.